Sorry, is this seat still available? The most amusing tweets about neighbors

We really tried everything! From the giant backpack in the seat next to you or stretched out across two seats asleep asked, yes we even sat in the aisle and phoned with very important (imaginary) business partners and typed loudly in the Laptop. None of this helped, because at some point there always came the inevitable moment when someone noticed the swindle and whispered with hypocritical politeness: “Excuse me, is this seat still free?” smiled tormented, nodded and hoped that the person sitting next to you didn’t turn out to be a chattering or loudly smacking person. Our 14 amusing tweets about people sitting next to you show that you are (almost) always entertained.

#1: When life gives you a pole, dance!

#2: How do you think she knows?

#3: Absolutely persevere, we want to know too

#4: Intellectual Balance

#5: Lip reading is really exhausting in the long run

#6: Recommended by naturopaths

#7: “Come on my age, Miss!”

#8: Servicetweet

#9: Gorgeous!

#10: When he ends up swallowing hot water, he has soup right in his stomach

#11: We desperately need to wash our mouths

#12: This goes down like oil

#13: No, you are mine all alone

#14: They do that on purpose up there!

Have you already found your seat neighbor for life?