Ferrari already with their backs to the wall?

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it’s been a long time…

Exciting statistics that our colleagues from Motorsport Stats dug up: The last technical Ferrari double failure before yesterday was an unbelievable 9,100 days ago!

In 1997 at Silverstone, Eddie Irvine and Michael Schumacher both retired after a technical defect. That never happened to the Scuderia again until yesterday!

A small exception: Kimi Räikkönen and Felipe Massa both retired in Melbourne in 2009 due to a defect. But: The Finn was still counted back then.

Therefore, in statistical terms, no double failure.

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Hamilton drives in Canada

Toto Wolff said yesterday that it was not yet certain whether Hamilton would be able to drive in Montreal given his back problems. Now the record champion himself has made it clear: “I’ll be there at the weekend.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world,” said Hamilton, who once celebrated his first Formula 1 victory in Canada. Let’s hope for him that the weekend will be less painful …

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The notes are here!

That was a difficult birth this time! The opinions sometimes differed greatly and we had heated discussions with many pilots – and in the end we didn’t give a 1. With five drivers, we decided on a 5.

Click through our photo gallery now! Later, as usual, the big final evaluation follows.

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Is Latifi out at Williams?

The rumors about the Canadian just don’t want to stop. After speculation a few weeks ago, that he could lose his cockpit in the current seasoncorresponding rumors have now surfaced again.

So reports ‘’that Oscar Piastri could already be in the Williams at Silverstone and that Latifi could be sacked after his home race in Montreal. However, Latifi himself does not want to know anything about it.

“I know that I will drive for the rest of the season. I can’t say more about that,” he explains himself. And we also hear from Williams that the Canadian should at least finish the current season.

But of course we keep our eyes open.

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Dominique wrote to us: “I have a question about the Adjustments to wind tunnel times: In June (I think) the wind tunnel time will be adjusted according to the current status of the Constructors’ Championship.”

The question: “From when will the new time be valid for the teams and when could this be reflected in new parts?” The reference date is June 30th, from July 1st to December 31st the current World Cup status will be “converted”.

The second part of the question is difficult to answer because new parts are developed many weeks and even months in advance. So don’t expect a direct impact.

10:48 a.m

Sainz: I need the time in the car

Another early failure yesterday. That’s doubly bitter for Sainz, because it didn’t just mean another zero number. He also lost vital time in the car. He needs it because he still doesn’t feel as comfortable in the new Ferrari as Leclerc.

“We learn from these mistakes,” he emphasizes. But: “Of course it’s frustrating on a personal level. Very frustrating even. Because it’s incredibly difficult to pick up any momentum. Another early failure.”

“You’re missing out on 40 or 50 laps in the car where you could learn something,” he says angrily. It was the Spaniard’s third retirement this year – and they all came early in the race.

10:24 a.m

Start in direct comparison

In this video, the starts of Perez and Leclerc are directly compared. What you don’t see: Verstappen actually had an even better start. But he stuck behind the two and couldn’t find a way past …

10:10 a.m

Is Red Bull pulling away now?

Five wins in a row for the Bulls. And Helmut Marko is hoping for even more! At ‘ServusTV’ he explains: “We said that Baku and Canada should be routes that suit us. It has been proven here.”

That’s why they are now traveling to Canada “optimistically” and “with a high in all areas”. Marko hopes: “Everything speaks for us that we can perhaps extend our successful run.”

Only once in its history has Red Bull won more than five races in a row: in 2013, Sebastian Vettel even won nine times in a row.

09:45 am

McLaren: Norris not concerned after Baku

McLaren was not really fast at the weekend. Among others, Alonso in the Alpine, Vettel in the Aston Martin and the AlphaTauris were faster. So is McLaren now threatening to fall back in midfield?

“I think a lot is route-specific,” Norris gives the all-clear and explains: “We’re so slow on the straights.” That was a big disadvantage in Baku. “The car was good,” he clarifies.

“I was very strong when the race was clear. And we were faster than the Alpines,” he assures. In the race, however, it was not possible to implement this because of the lack of speed on the straights.

“We chose the wrong strategy for downforce,” he admits. Let’s see how it goes in Canada. In the World Cup McLaren is still in P4.

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Rate drivers now!

Our grading conference for the race in Baku is currently running in the editorial office. And of course you also have the opportunity to rate the 20 pilots for their performance. Who were the best drivers over the weekend? In the evening there is the big evaluation.

Vote here! ¿pbtw||pb¿

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Perez: Too focused on qualifying?

That could explain why he landed in front of Verstappen on Saturday, but had no chance against the world champion on Sunday. Team boss Christian Horner admits that the set-up may have focused too much on qualifying.

As a result, Perez then had more tire degradation than Verstappen in the race. “We’ll have to look at that because Max was definitely in better shape in the race than Checo at the end of the first stint.”

Meanwhile, the Mexican is praised for not fighting Verstappen when he was faster. “Checo is a big boy, he understands the bigger picture and knows it’s a long championship,” said Horner.

With P2, Perez is currently higher in the world championship than ever before in his career.

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Slept well?

Of course, our popular columns will be available again this Monday. Christian Nimmervoll and Stefan Ehlen each let one person sleep particularly well or particularly badly today:

Who slept the worst last night: Mattia Binotto

Who slept best last night: Helmut Marko

I would also like to recommend ours to you again large analysis video on the Baku race. The following topics were on the agenda for Christian Nimmervoll and Kevin Scheuren yesterday:

– Hamilton: Will he miss the Canadian Grand Prix?
– Do the Ferrari engines burn up all the world championship chances?
– Red Bull: Was Verstappen favored again?
– Vettel: Podium was within reach again
– Ach, Mick!
– Team orders at McLaren
– Result & World Cup standings
– Questions from channel members from live chat

Race analysis Baku: This is not how Ferrari becomes world champion!

How did one Ferrari engine after another give up the ghost in Baku? And was that a preliminary decision in the World Cup? More Formula 1 videos

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Why Hamilton had more bouncing problems

It was noticeable yesterday: During Hamilton after the race I could hardly get out of the car because of the pain, teammate Russell looked relatively fit on the podium. Is that “only” because the record world champion is 13 years older?

Not according to Hamilton, because he reveals: “George didn’t have the same bouncing as me, it was much less with him. [Am Samstag] I lost three and a half tenths to him on the straights alone.” But why was that?

“I had experimental parts on the car and a different rear suspension,” explains Hamilton. However, this experimental route was “wrong” and did not work as hoped.

We keep our fingers crossed that he doesn’t get shaken up like that again in Canada!

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Off to Canada!

Hello and welcome to a new edition of our Formula 1 live ticker. The Baku race is behind us, but this weekend’s Canadian GP is already casting its shadow. So not much time for drivers and teams – and neither for us! That’s why we don’t want to waste a second and get started right away.

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