Misano, 2nd round: Bautista (Ducati) from the other star / Superbike World Championship

Sieger Alvaro Bautista - das ließ sich der Ducati-CEO nicht entgehen

The second round of the 2022 Superbike World Championship in Misano was a heated battle. No problem for Álvaro Bautista, who gave Ducati a dominant home win. Toprak second, Rea not on the podium.

Toprak Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) and Álvaro Bautista (Ducati) were the protagonists in the second round of the 2022 Superbike World Championship at Misano. From the fourth lap onwards, the two exceptional talents took off, even Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) and Michael Rinaldi (Ducati) couldn’t keep up.

In the second half of the race, the current world champion had to realize that the Ducati star could not be defeated in this race. Per lap, Bautista was 0.6s faster than the rest and crossed the finish line 7.2s ahead of Razgatlioglu as the winner. Third-placed Michael Rinaldi (Ducati) lost 11.1 seconds.

With an incredible 14.9 seconds behind, record world champion Rea suffered a severe slap in fourth place!

The second run was overshadowed by a serious fall by Xavi Vierge. The Honda rider was in fifth position when he slipped at a fast spot and ended up in the gravel trap. The Spaniard was later transported to the medical center for examination. His position was taken over by teammate Iker Lecuona, who achieved another fine result in fifth place.

Best BMW driver was Scott Redding in ninth position, but 29 seconds behind the winner.

Superbike rookie Philipp Öttl (Go Eleven Ducati) drove a flawless race to the finish in eleventh position.

This is how the race went:

Start: Razgatlioglu in front of Bautista and Rea. Oettl on 15.

Lap 1: Razgatlioglu Vierge fourth, Baz best BMW in 11th place, Öttl 14th.

Lap 2: Bautista attacks Razgatlioglu but the Turk counters. Vierge falls back to 6th place behind Rinaldi and Bassani. Rinaldi fastest race lap in 1:34.856 min.

Lap 3: Razgatlioglu 0.4s ahead of Bautista. Rinaldi past Rea in 3rd place. Baz 11th, Öttl in 14th. Bassani fastest lap in 1:34.670 min.

Lap 4: Razgatlioglu under pressure from Bautista. Gerloff fell. The top 4 within 0.5 sec fall Ruiu.

Lap 5: Razgatlioglu in 1:34.531 by 0.4s ahead of Bautista, 0.8s ahead of Rinaldi and 1s ahead of Rea. Öttl (14th) followed up to 10th place.

Lap 6: Bautista counters in 1:34.518. Redding past Baz in 10th place.

Lap 7: Bautista past Razgatlioglu! Rinaldi and Rea 0.8 seconds back, Bassani (5th) 2.8 seconds. Öttl overtakes Tamburini and is 13th.

Lap 8: Bautista revs up: 1:34.255 min. Bassani (5th) under pressure from Vierge and Lecuona.

Lap 9: Razgatlioglu keeps up with Bautista, Rinaldi (+1.5sec) and Rea (2.8sec) fall behind.

Lap 10: Vierge takes fifth place from Bassani. Redding, Baz, Öttl and Laverty fight for 10th place.

Lap 11: Bautista 0.5s ahead of Razgatlioglu. Rinaldi 2.9 seconds back, Rea 4.4 seconds. Öttl twelfth.

Lap 12: Razgatlioglu doesn’t seem to be able to keep up – 0.7 seconds behind. Heavy fall from Vierge.

Lap 13: Bautista 1.3s ahead of Razgatlioglu. Lecuona, Bassani, Lowes and Locatelli are fighting for 5th place. Öttl is now 11th.

Lap 14: Bautista drives at least 0.6 seconds faster than the rest per lap.

Lap 15: Lecuona (5th) faster than Rea (4th), but the Kawasaki rider is 5 seconds ahead.

Lap 16: Redding (9th) has distanced Baz (10th) by 5 seconds. Öttl continues eleventh.

Lap 17: Bautista 3.5s ahead of Razgatlioglu. Rea (4th) is 3.8 seconds ahead of Lecuona (5th).

Lap 18: Redding lonely in place. Öttl (11th) has Tamburini breathing down his neck.

Lap 19: Lowes, Bassani and Locatelli fight for 6th place.

Round 20: Lowes receives a long lap penalty. Locatelli past Bassani in 7th place.

Final lap: Bautista comfortably wins ahead of Razgatlioglu and Rinaldi. Lowes only eighth after the penalty. Redding ninth, Öttl eleventh.

Superbike World Championship result: Misano, race 2
Pos driver Motorrad time
1. Alvaro Bautista Ducati
2. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha + 7,194 sec
3. Michael Rinaldi Ducati + 11,119
4. Jonathan Rea Kawasaki + 14,901
5. Iker Lecuona Honda + 18,774
6. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha + 20,217
7. Axel Bassani Ducati + 21,149
8. Alex Lowes Kawasaki + 23,533
9. Scott Redding BMW + 29,638
10. Loris Baz BMW + 38,831
11. Philipp Oettl Ducati + 40,881
12. Roberto Tamburini Yamaha + 41,588
13. Luca Bernardi Ducati + 43,353
14. Eugene Laverty BMW + 43,833
15. Ilya Mikhalchik BMW + 43,889
16. About Nozane Yamaha + 44,697
17. Tito Rabat Kawasaki + 49,375
18. Leandro Mercado Honda > 1 min
19. Oliver King Kawasaki > 1 min
RT Xavi Vierge Honda
RT Hafiz Syahrin Honda
RT Alessandro Delbianco Kawasaki
RT Gabriele Ruiu BMW
RT Garrett Gerloff Yamaha

Status Superbike World Championship 2022 after 12 of 36 races
Pos driver Motorrad Points
1. Alvaro Bautista Ducati 220
2. Jonathan Rea Kawasaki 184
3. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha 141
4. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha 108
5. Iker Lecuona Honda 99
6. Michael Rinaldi Ducati 92
7. Alex Lowes Kawasaki 75
8. Axel Bassani Ducati 68
9. Xavi Vierge Honda 63
10. Scott Redding BMW 48
11. Loris Baz BMW 45
12. Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 34
13. Philipp Oettl Ducati 20
14. Eugene Laverty BMW 18
15. Roberto Tamburini Yamaha 18
16. Luca Bernardi Ducati 15
17. luke mahias Kawasaki 14
18. Xavi Fores Ducati 12
19. Michael van der Mark BMW 11
20. Ilya Mikhalchik BMW 10
21. About Nozane Yamaha 9
22. Christophe Ponsson Yamaha 8
23. Leon Haslam Kawasaki 3
24. Leandro Mercado Honda 1